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After the Cyclone

Hey ho readers. Christmas is well and truly over.   

It’s been a while since I blogged but we’ve come through one cyclone and flooding and are about to face the kickback of another one if the weather forecasts are correct. We survived the rains very well, our street being an island within the island of our suburb during the worst of it, Waist deep waters on one of the streets. Living near the beach has its downsides as well as its upsides.

Poetry challenges a plenty this year, four quarters ones, a 24 hour one and monthly ones. Looks like a year of poetry productivity ahead of me. I won’t complain. I love it. Typing up the novel at the moment. It’s harder than it appears as I am tempted to change nearly every other sentence now that I’ve had some time to think about it. How it appears on the typed page is very different to how it appears when handwritten as is poetry. But we are plodding on and getting about two to three hours a day done on it.

Finished reading Irvine Welsh’s novel ‘Crime’  which is quite different to the series ‘Crime’ although they share a few references. aAso finished Reacher ( bad luck and trouble)  which is the basis for the new Reacher series on Prime. I do loves bit of pulp fiction from time to time. Hooked into Irvine Welsh at the moment. I am reading ‘The Long Knives’ which takes place after ‘Crime’. Not a really series novels as they stand alone beautifully. It’s hooked me through the prologue and into the first few chapters already… if you have not read Irvine Welsh then you should. He is responsible for the films Trainspotting and Filth, adaptations of two of his novels.  He is truly a master of the craft. I read his work and am jealous of his construction of both sentences and story.

I started writing the novel in chapter 2 as I couldn’t quite come up with the hook I needed for chapter . I also wrote three different endings as I wasn’t sure how it would work out for my main character. In one version the main character dies in the middle of the book and the story is taken over by a minor character and in the other version, the main character is the minor character, does that make sense? I will faithfully type up scene by scene and then arrange in a working order as I can clearly see where my brain has jumped too far in one place and not enough in other places. The exhausting joy of creation.

Spent more time playing uke this week and I’ll be working on a few songs for my little group String Jam to learn in weeks to come.  So far we have the following songs as new to our repertoire… David Bowie - Heroes, You are my sunshine ( in a minor key- quite spooky) Eurythmics- Missionary Man, a Chas ‘n Dave song and one other, I forget which now. My mind is full of story and poetry and it’s difficult to concentrate on anything else at the moment which is usual.

Painting and drawing daily.. which is good to make the brain work differently to writing. I need to practice playing my Native American flute more as I’ve been focused on the cyclone, floods, and writing, but I promise to find time.

Back on the diet which is very hard as I can’t exercise much due to falling downstairs and bashing the cartilage which joins my floating ribs at the back/right side of me in two places. It was quite a fall and bloody painful. I did go for a bone density Xray scan this week but I am sure it will be fine as I crashed my way down the staircase the previous week on my back and ribs without cracking or breaking anything.

How did I do it? I was half asleep coming down stairs and missed the top step. I did manage to pull the banister out of the wall as I grabbed for it but luckily Hubster patched up the wall and drilled new and extra holes for it to be more secure this time. Many thanks for his eternal suffering of my mishaps.

I’d love you to see some of the art work I have done recently but they are for a present so I will keep them off the page for now.

Hubster turns 61 on Monday. Hoping to spoil him with a cake and cottage pie. I’m going to my friend, a chef, who will supervise me and make sure it is to his liking. I usually make things with too many herbs for him, actually, any herbs at all are not to his liking. He likes very plain food while I am happiest in flavour city. So an old fashioned cottage pie  as well as a cheesecake will mark the next step into his 60’s.  Feels far away for me but in truth it’s only 6 more years to go.

I’m off now to drink coffee, watch some forensic files on You Tube or how cults work…. Then back to the typing this afternoon. Of course I do have clients but my heart is on a tropical island on the pages.

Looking forward to mahjong with friends tomorrow  and getting a good night’s sleep tonight.

Take care all of you and be kind to yourselves and each other.


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