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Behaviour Analysis, Exercise and Abstract Art

Well today it’s Mamasita’s birthday and every day since seven years ago has been a blessing and a gift for her. Chemos, Radiation and finally a Stem Cell Transplant and she is a good as new.

I tried my hand at abstract art this weekend. Not sure I’m made for it, especially after concentrating on the finesse of watercolour painting, but I’ve yet to finish the piece so let’s see when it’s done. Find my first attempt at the end of the article. No comments please.

I’ve been writing email templates for a company and although that’s not particularly stimulating, the excitement of the business owner on receiving them is worth it.

I submitted an article to The Issue about Gaza, which continues to upset me.

Watching The Behaviour Panel as usual. If you haven’t seen them, they might interest you. Four world experts at reading behaviour through body language and language patterns. They take interviews and break down the interview in small chunks and show you how to analyse the subject. It can be quite funny as well as informative. You can find them on You Tube

They have two channels: -The Behavior Channel and The Behavior Panel. The first holds their complete videos and the second shows snippets. I did the courses: Body Language Tactics. True Crime Workshop and am doing the Ellipsis Manual Course. I’ve read so many books on behaviour analysis I feel like it comes out of my ears at times.

According to Joe Navarro there are only a couple of behaviours which mean ‘deception’.  All other bets are off. The only way to tell deception is to observe a cluster of behaviours which can lead you to know that something is different from someone’s ‘normal’ behaviour, their ‘baseline’.  All those ‘experts’ who attribute set behaviours to mean deception are quite simply talking bollocks. For instance, if you catch someone rubbing their nose when they are talking to you does NOT necessarily mean they are lying to you. Clusters, it’s all about clusters of behaviour, when observed together can tell you that the subject is stressed and something is different to when they are relaxed and being honest.

So, what do YOU have to watch out for? Changes. Changes in behaviour. There’s no way you can tell if someone is lying by something they do or say unless you know what their everyday, unstressed behaviour looks like.  And it’s easy to find out what’s ‘normal’ for someone by asking safe, easy questions and watching them, how they move, how they speak, the speech patterns they use… and so on.  I won’t give it all away but there are loads of great books you can get if you are interested.  Anything by Scott Rouse, Greg Hartley, Chase Hughes, Mark Bowden and Joe Navarro will be worth the money spent… why? Because they are the best in the world.

Quiet week this week. I’ve used the opportunity to spend more time walking with Miss Lizzy Blue and a friend and actually getting down to some exercises too! It’s still not fun but my friend alleviates the boredom of walking and I’m fighting aging when exercising. Other than that, it’s not enjoyable. My allergy to exercise remains.

I’m overdue in writing my mahjong blog, I’ll get round to it soon. I promise.

I’ve also been working on 12 new poems I wrote in the last Quarter Crazy Poetry Challenge a week ago. I’ll pop one below hopefully for your enjoyment.

Prompt #7: Write a poem about your favorite day of the year.


It is your day that fills me with joy

not mine

Once a year

I get to see the choices I made

celebrate your existence

I wonder at the magpie

bringing home his hoard

Does his wife reject out of the nest

the unlucky, the dull

preferring instead the glistening

I spoil you and show you

glittery things

Even if our nest

doesn’t sparkle

you love solar lights

The sunbird strains and works

to create a beautiful bower

hoping his lady will stay

These bricks you have laid

Keep me safe

I love you

Well that’s all the blah blah for this week

Be kind to yourselves and each other


Below - pic "Death on the London Underground"

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