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Borneo fades into the distance

What ho! peeps


I was Getting excited about June next year… volunteering at the orangutan sanctuary. Discussing our wardrobe – combat trousers being the most desired for working in the jungle. I can’t wait – well, I’ll have to. Why do we say that? I can’t wait. It’s not as if I’m going to get on a plane and go immediately. Hmm. But. They have put their prices up and demanded we agree to their terms and conditions which are quite frankly aggressive. They offer no guarantees of even in the least helping us get our flight connections! Also on the island there are some very very serious diseases and it's not going to be possible for mum to take so many live vaccines to go because of her compromised immune system since her stem cell transplant. It seems that Vietnam might be the next adventure instead Oh well. I'm lucky to be able to roam the world regardless.


Painting up a storm here – usually just playing with brush strokes and now the three tones of any colour – I can do three tones – splitting values into 5 or 6 is more difficult.  Did an average painting but it was a good learning experience for me.


Body Language and Behaviour Profiling courses are going well. I’m, doing two running side by side. One that takes weekly input and will last for over a year and the other which is based on crime, criminals and deception detection. Although there’s not one thing which denotes deception. Touching one’s face or nose isn’t a sign of lying.

And did you know that Liars make the most eye contact when telling you a lie? Truthful people often break eye contact to allow their brains to access different information needed. (Our eyes move when we are accessing different parts of our brain.) The liar often has the lie worked out, but even if they are doing it on the fly – they tend to keep eye contact to see whether you believe them. Interesting huh? The opposite of what many people believe.

There is no one thing that denotes deception – all the signs are signs of stress and it is then for the observer to work out the context of that stress. Lying always causes some stress which leaks out in the body. So, there are clusters of signs which denote deception, depending of course on the context.


Am I profiling everyone? Of course, I am and I’m pleased to say that I see mainly truthful behaviour amongst my friends.  


Hang on, the one non-verbal lie which everyone does is the fake smile. Not the real smile. The real smile (a Duchenne smile) has specific creases around the eyes and mouth. A fake smile as in “I’m fine thanks” is common and the eyes, forehead, and mouth do not work together to show the real feeling which may be:


“I’m ok thanks but I’m really worried about X Y Z and I’m not going to burden you with it.”


Do you see? It’s not that simple-and there are loads of combinations of body language from forehead to feet that are being learned.  Why do it? I’m fascinated and it helps me get to the bottom of things with my clients quickly.


I suppose all my friends now will be super careful with their facial expressions but I promise, emotion leaks everywhere and I’ll surely see the fact you are stressed – that’s all for now.


The Secret Life of Pronouns is proving to be an excellent read. For nerds absolutely.  The book ‘Truth and Lies – What people are really thinking’ by Mark Bowden is lots of fun too and an easy read if anyone is interested in getting into this field. This has meant my fiction books have taken a back seat for now.   “Everything you ever wanted to know about watercolour” is also on my current reading list. It’s hard to have so many passions and only 24 hours in the day – I wonder if hubster gets sick of me sometimes, focused on different things but life is short and I don’t want to waste time.  


Did Yoga this morning – gone back to Tony Horton’s DVDs – doing them gently but I know they will work before too long. I can’t take the scene of Yoga classes – I want to do things in my own time and in my pjs if I can. There is something lovely about keeping your pjs on in the morning – even if working – it feels kind of decadent.


The rain has cleared and the dog needs to go to the loo.

Adios peeps I've got pAges to write and I’ll add my painting for the day.




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