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Catching Snowflakes and Waving Flags

A busy week of behaviour profiling, music, art and writing.

Started the day doing Swimming Dragon Qigong with my little group. Walked the dog, attended a webinar on publishing, taught a mate how to finger pick a few different ways on the banjolele and this arvo I will be studying more of the ‘Six-Minute X-ray - Rapid Behaviour Profiling’ by Chase Hughes. I discovered a 25 week program to learn how to utilise the skills in the book - I’m setting up the program for myself. It’s not just about deception deception, it’s more about reading  people quickly to facilitate good and effective communication. And of course to pick up if they are very stressed… or lying!

I have always profiled my clients using Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques but this new information is helping me to assess people more quickly than before.  It’s also giving me a platform for my characters in my writing to show and not tell.

E.g.‘He flashed his eyebrows to his sister who mirrored his facial movements.’

‘She bit her lower lip in between sentences.’

‘A single shoulder shrug together with his hands closed by his side betrayed his lack of confidence.’

OK. So I’m showing and telling. I’m a firm believer that you need both in fiction, just measured amounts.Talking of writing, have any of you subscribed to Pedro Batpoet’s site? Got some good, strong poetry there.

Since getting my shoulder done by Dan, the Zen massage therapist/shiatzu practitioner, it’s got better and better. From being in such pain that I was faced with cortisone injections into the site, I am now pain free without any steroid intervention.  Two appointments, 90 minutes each and I’ll go once more but in all honesty, I think he has already fixed it. Bursitis and tendonitis in the shoulder.  No more. All I’ve done is qigong and some positional stretches for my shoulder, hands and feet. Brilliant.

Working on more copy to build my portfolio tomorrow. I’ve let it slip recently in favour of writing stories, sketching and painting. Living the good life. It’s great to have the hubster home since he retired. I get the rested version, the creative version, the fun version…not the exhausted ICU nurse version he used to be. Which was fine but he was just so tired from long and difficult hours at the hospital.

Cutting down our footprint, we are a one car family now in a time when every man and his dog have a car for themselves.  It’s been an easy transition and I feel better about our emissions. We should all take more care. Recycling our garbage is not enough.

I’ve  written more stories over the past week and drafted six poems. Today’s webinar was about getting things finished, ready for publishing…I suffer from a snowstorm of ideas and I spend too much time catching snowflakes. They are so pretty and you never know which ones will make the perfect snowman.

My mum sent me a care package. It arrived today with homemade presents from one of my gran’s friends, a nice skirt, some little Union Jack flags and a ‘Long Live the King’ tee shirt ready for my coronation tea in May. Hubster and I scored a cake stand yesterday ready to display mini coronation quiches and cucumber sandwiches and also bought some teacups, all from the Op Shop (thrift store)  It will be fun in May.  I like getting care packages, even at my age.

I must go and do some studying now. It’s great to catch up with you all… What’s ahead? A meeting of our little music group on Saturday and then off to watch the Choral Society’s Gala performance on Saturday night.  A busy time.

Take care peeps and be kind to yourselves

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