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Coronation Quiches, A Scottish Teenager And A Wallaby

The Coronation is over, my five batches of quiches have been eaten. I made the first two batches experimenting with cooking times and varying amounts of cheese. Not satisfied with the results, Miss Lizzy Blue had a few of the half-cooked ones and I started again. The next few batches saw an increase in eggs used as well as an increase in the cooking time. Hey presto! I had three decent batches of mini quiches. I gave them out to friends, none of which made comment so I assumed they musn't be tasty but on the night of the Coronation, they were devoured by my three guests. Good result, I told myself.

I loved the Coronation. It was amazing to see such a historical event. To see the Prince of Wales pay homage to the King was very emotional and tender. I could have railed against the likes of those who kept invoking Diana's presence on such a day. Poor Queen Camillla, she's been married to Charles for 18 years and very happily too. Why do people insist on reminding the population of Diana's mistreatment? She was no choirgirl herself through her life and sadly.. it's over. If Charles had been permitted to marry Camilla as he originally wanted, what might life be like? Certainly no William and that would be a shame as I think he will also make a good king when his time comes. I liked Camilla's pared down crown, much less ostentatious than it was originally. I love the picture taken behind their Majesties as they watch the red arrows fly by.

I understand there are many who are angry at the money spent on the Coronation when the country is in dire-straits. Teachers, doctors and nurses are striking en-masse. The cost of living is high. Many people are having to choose whether to heat their homes or eat. But the royal family are not responsible for bad government. The King does not have the power to raise the minimum wage, to increase salary rates. He does represent the country and I am hoping he will bear down upon ministers and lobby groups who hold power to bring about change. I write this again...he has no real, legal power. The royal family generates income for UK and has no power to change the cost of living or inflation. The British public voted for a corrrupt and inept government time and again. Sadly, the cost of a badly managed Covid-19 pandemic and the greed of the illusion that was Brexit and incompetent politicians have led to Britain's sad state of affairs.

The Coronation for me was essential. Essential to establish a figurehead who creates income for the country, maintains and coordinates different development programs both in UK and around the Commonwealth countries and territories. Modern world thinking is happy to rewrite history and redefine identities. Let's hold onto one part of our culture and traditions before we lose sight of our identity completely. Let's keep the members of the Royal Family who work tirelessly through patronages and civic duties. As for those who believe they deserve to be supported because of a birthright, if they are not working for the country, they should not be financially supported and I'm thinking of Prince Andrew as I write this. I was glad to see that he was moved out of his mansion where he and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson used to live rent free. They have now been moved to Frogmore and they have to pay rent. As it should be.

King Charles has reduced the benefits of being a royal, increased the workload of working royals and disbanded royal hangers-on. I wait in anticipation of a King who will champion justice and fairness for his people and who will not stand by as the late Queen Elizabeth II did. She was raised to be impartial and unbiased in all things. I hope that our intelligent, well-informed King Charles III will be able to lay pressure upon his government for change and improvement because poor old Great Britain needs it. I am reminded of the Proclaimers' newest album Dentures Out. One of their songs begins "Britain's old and rather thin. I saw her with her dentures out, she put them in and mumbled something indistinct which might have been nostalgia, I love you." I'm hoping for more than a nod to nostalgia from this Coronation. I want a King with a voice.

I have had a brief but altogether lovely houseguest for a couple of nights. One of my Scottish nephew's best mates who is on a gap year has come up to Far North Queensland for an adventure. 18, confident and smiley, a good lad. He ate quite a few of my coronation quiches so I was very happy to be able to feed him. He's off now white water rafting, Great Barrier Reef scuba-diving and i think he was looking at throwing himself out of a plane (with parachute of course). Oh to be fearless and 18 again. No, I don't want to be 18 again but it reminded me how life is short and how each day needs to be a productive one.

I have been learning how to paint fur. My first attempt was not too bad... a wallaby - when I can do an orangutan I will be happy.

Saw a yacht beached this morning, mooring broken and landed where we walk the dogs. Inside it, a posh electronics system was switched on and it had two new solar panels on the boat. Despite all that, it was unpainted, encrusted with marine goop and had broken windows which had been replaced with board. The prop was broken. A bit of a mystery. I rang the police, not sure if anyone had rung them or whether there was a person dead or unconscious inside (because the electronics were still all switched on). The Border Force came down to investigate. As you can see the yacht was in a bad way so why the new solar panels and electronics inside? A little bit of mystery for a Tuesday morning.

Saw myself in a recent photograph. My bum is still thankfully small but my belly is re-expanding. I have to practically starve to keep the weight off. I'm so annoyed with my genetic patterns. I have the figure of my paternal grandmother. Nice legs but too much above the waist-line. Time to hit the shakes again. Or at least, not eat out nor eat standard portions. I'm lucky I can survive well on very little but just love to eat tasty food. I have been baking recently for the Coronation. Time to go back to rations.

Other than that, no news, just the hubster and I ticking along nicely with the beautiful Miss Lizzy Blue at our sides.

Hoping you are all well

Be kind to yourselves


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