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Darkness, Tree Trimming and Cyclone Jasper

It’s raining, it’s pouring, the cyclone has passed and the wind is still with us.  Luckily in Yorkeys we didn’t lose power as many suburbs did.  We will get cut off in about an hour’s time as the water rises but as soon as it stops raining it will only take a couple of hours to subside back into the creek.

Hubster has put away the generators and the battery packs he built. Let’s hope nothing goes wrong now.  I'm impressed with him being the ultimate Boy Scout and being incredibly well prepared. We started to eat the food in our emergency pack as it’s been there for a while - and we need to restock; baked beans and the like.

It took forever to get the Lizard to go to the toilet in the downpour.  She held on until nearly lunchtime!

Everything feels Christmassy; the rain is here, the lights are twinkling, the tree is up and presents have appeared beneath it.

I can’t express enough to you all how humid it is with warm torrential rain washing down the roads.  It’s hair-wash-and-shower kind of rainfall. But it is lovely to be inside.  Poor hubster rescued a neighbour who couldn’t get into her house (new lock not working) and has turned up, back home, soaked to the skin. He’s a trooper.  He’s an angel. He’s a keeper.

So with the emergency of Cyclone Jasper over, I’m looking for something to do because I’ve cancelled my clients due to the inclement weather (and the fact they all live on the other side of Cairns or up in the rain forest).  I’ve done a few sketches and I guess I’ll read another book. I read one yesterday all about Cults. Fascinating. I also drafted out the outline of a new story I have in mind. I still have to finish the Secret of Mauria yet. I’m leaving that until 3rd January. Why the 3rd? I’m being interviewed for a radio program on the 2nd! But more of that nearer the time.

No mahjong this week.  Which is a shame but no one is going anywhere. I am meant to have a game tomorrow morning with a mate but I doubt I’ll be able to get there at this rate of rain and wind.

I’d love to show you my latest creation but it’s a present for a mate and I don’t want her to see a pic of it. More on that after Xmas.

I started working out with a Pilates resistance bar, did I tell you in the last blog? Well it is harder than it looks and I am sure it is starting to give me a waistline again. Got to be a good result huh?

Missing my Nanna A LOT these days with Xmas coming up. I suppose that’s normal. It takes at least a year to grieve through all the anniversaries before it gets easier doesn't it (if it ever does)?  On a more positive note, I watched mamasita and niece trim mamasita’s tree on WhatsApp this morning. Thankful for technology today.

I did experience something really weird recently. Well, you know I finished my first draft on November 30th? I put myself through an enforced non-writing time to give myself a break for the two weeks after its completion and surprisingly sank into darkness. The joy of finishing the first draft disappeared as quickly as a shooting star. It gave me pause for thought. In the space, I decided to read Phil Stutz’s new book.  Lessons for Living: what only adversity can teach you

"Believing that things outside you will make you happy is false hope. The Greeks considered it the “doubtful gift of the gods.” In reality, there can be only two outcomes. Either the hoped-for thing does not happen, or it does and its effect quickly wears off. Either way, you are worse off than before because you have trained yourself to fixate on outer results. An extreme example of this is found in Man’s Search for Meaning, written by Viktor Frankl, a psychiatrist who survived Auschwitz. In 1944, a rumor spread that the Allies would liberate the camp by Christmas. Christmas Day came and went but the troops were not to arrive for months. Frankl, who was the camp doctor, relates that he saw more deaths between Christmas and New Year’s than at any time at the camp. He attributed this to the dashed hopes of the prisoners. As extreme as the circumstances were, Frankl insists he survived by developing inner tools to sustain his mood.”

He also wrote this which really helped me to put this empty space into perspective…

"The first step is to realize that life is a process. Our culture leads us to forget this fact and makes the destructive suggestion that we can perfect life and then get it to stand still. The ideal world with the superior people is like a snapshot or a postcard. A moment frozen in time that never existed. But real life is a process, it has movement and depth. The realm of illusion is an image, dead and superficial. Still, these images are tempting. There is no mess in them…

…How can you retrain yourself to prefer what is real and alive, although often painful? The key depends on a simple truth that we resist: life is made up of events. The only real way to accept life is to accept the events that comprise it. And the flow of events never stops. The driving force of the universe reveals itself via the events of our lives. Why resist this fact? Because it places us in a world that is not perfectible or predictable. There is awe and mystery in the fact that no one knows what will happen next. But it also makes us feel small and out of control. The realm of illusion suggests that we can get above this flow of events. But that would be a spiritual death, for it is only events that allow us to be in touch with an alive, meaningful universe. If fate is woven of a series of events, then mental health is the ability to accept our fate with enthusiasm.”

Good stuff huh? Once I had absorbed this, I woke up feeling better the next morning. He really does talk a lot of sense. If you haven’t seen the documentary about him on Netflix, watch it, it’s called Stutz.

Finally I noticed on BookFace an old friend of mine got married a few days ago.  I love weddings and birthdays. Such celebrations of hope, for the future, for the next year and life in general.  Made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Pip Pip Peeps, see you one more time before Christmas and here's a pic of the lazy lizard hiding from the rain.

Be kind to yourselves and each other.


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