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Mahjong for one and a barely used squeeze box

I must be bored this Easter Monday. I'm playing Mahjong against myself and not always winning, which is hilarious.

Took out the concertina for the first time in about 9 years... it's as pristine as it always was. And I have forgotten the three tunes I once learnt. So back to the drawing board, back to beginner's mind. Always frustrating but there's tons of room for improvement.

I spent most of the Easter weekend watching the 95th North Queensland Eisteddfod at Cairns Performing Arts Centre. Hubster's choir did very well and it was a delight to watch and listen to them. Mind you, I have a particular dislike for most musical theatre. This did leave me cold from time to time so I read my kindle in those interludes.

What was I reading? A cheesy true crime story written by one of the prosecutors of Casey Anthony about the distressing case of the murder of Casey Anthony's daughter Caylee. I know it's a bit grim but I'm learning heaps about forensics as well as the US legal system.

Also doing more on behaviour profiling. I'm doing a short course on Human Behaviour and learning well over 100 human gestures which are automatic and almost impossible to fake. Thoroughly enjoyed watching a talk show on TV and unhinging the invisible mask of the person being interviewed. Upskilling, I love it.

Going on a 'watercolour painting - the basics' course on Sunday, I'm looking forward to picking up some new techniques and mastering some familiar ones. If you're lucky I will post the product of my efforts.

There is an excellent series from Argentina on Netflix called Kingdom. I have been glued to the episodes. A religio-political drama full of corruption and magic. The tiniest bit of magical reality and I am captivated. The romantic part of me wants magic to be true. If only. Perhaps I need to write myself a magical reality story.

Wrote three 50 word stories this morning and a longer microfiction extension of one of them. I was on fire this morning during my 'shut up and write' group. I love being able to start the day with a story. What? You want to read them? Wait until the book comes out.

I will be broadcasting for Write Up North on Friday, via zoom. Where should the poem lead? Poetry sometimes settles for a single dimension. I believe that it should be at least two dimensional, having more than one direction. I will be discussing this and looking at some amazing poems as examples from John Donne to Billy Collins.

Well, that's all for this week. Stay well peeps and be kind to yourselves.

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