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Makepisi, The Ukulele Death Squad and My Novel

Hi there. As you know, I'm taking part in NaNoWriMo this month and writing up a storm. Need another 1000 words today to reach my target of 10,000 words since the 1st of November. A bit of an ask  at 4pm but if I don’t type up today’s scratchings I might just hit the (handwritten) target.

Spent the morning writing 500 words and then doing my exception to my rule of no entertaining until 2000 words written. There always has to be an exception.  Mine is that on Monday morning 11-1, I help a friend improve his conversational English as it’s a second language to him. I must say his written English is excellent and once he’s on a roll, he’s speaking quite well. It’s fun. I did learn how to say good morning in Russian today.

Hubster and I  also gave him my old bike which was satisfying to find a good home for it. I still have my electric one and I will use it for sure at some point in the future..

Weight shifting down very slowly.  I’m trying not to be disheartened but it’s difficult, especially when I was so much thinner this time last year.

Yungaburra was enjoyable; I'm still remembering the good music I listened to. The Tablelands Folk Festival is always splendid with friends and good music. Of our three sets, two were fun and one was abominable but them’s the breaks. 

Found a new band called The Ukulele Death Squad..

They whipped up quite a storm in the performances.

My favourite sound though, was the African acapella  quartet. They made me cry on the Saturday night in the chapel. Zulu sounds and the Xhosa clicking pull at my heart.  Makepisi - they were sublime... at the festival... 

I love the festival each year and it’s not the performing which holds the most attraction. It’s about hanging out with friends, sharing experiences and at the same time wandering from band to band and jumping into an occasional workshop. And of course... its the Rye or Port or Auchentoshan, the best wee single malt from Glasgow.

The novel is coming along although I don't think I have enough conflicts for my characters. I'm 'pantsing' it as I invent conflicts which takes me away from my outline. Interesting but more difficult to include the scenes I have plotted in my head. I've got to learn how to let go.

Furthermore I need a device that converts my handwriting into word or text. I create better when handwriting but it takes me quite a long time to type it all up once completed. The device Remarkable2 just converts to PDF so that's no good for me. Anyone got any suggestions for devices? I use a couple of apps on my ipad to write client notes but they don't always translate the handwriting into text effectively.

I did see the Supernote A5X on the net. Anyone used one of these before? I'd be curious to find a user of it or to hear if anyone has any other suggestions. I love tech and gadgets.

Met someone from Orkney where I spent my holiday last year. I bloody loved that place. Cold, windy with hardly any trees. Everything I hate. It is a series of islands surrounded by the ocean and yet they hold the most magical sights I have ever seen and all the people were so kind and friendly. But you need to go back through the blogs to read about Orkney. A bit of my soul was left there.

Not much else to report. I’ve got to write some more words for the novel today so

adios peeps


be kind to each other

P.S. And here's a pic of me in my new hat. Hubster picked it. I love it.

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