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One of The Seven Deadly Sins… or is it?

I'll have to blame Roman Catholicism for the invention of these labels. First put out there by Pope Gregory I (The one who had the Cathars massacred, I think) back in the 6th Century and then reiterated by Thomas Aquinas in the 13th Century, we are left with Pride (called Vain glory), Greed (covetousness), Lust, Envy, Gluttony (also includes drunkenness), Wrath ( I always think this is slightly more intense than common-or-garden varieties of anger) and the final one, my favourite.... Sloth.

So why am I blaming them and for which one? It's not quite sloth but untidiness, true untidiness, the bane of my existence, which feel as though I am committing one of the seven deadlies when someone else comes into my space.

If, as The Britannica says, the deadly sins are more of a disposition towards these labels then I am afraid, I am probably heading for hell.

Neil is remodeling the back bedroom into a library/study for me and what was revealed as the old desk was removed, were coffee stains from many spilt mugs which over the years had washed the back wall unseen. I endeavour to scrub it off but the liquid over time has embedded into the Mexican yellow paint on the walls. Husband not happy.

I am not embarrassed. I should be I guess. I didn’t notice it before. I won’t beat myself up too much about it. You see I am, at present, obsessed with a story I'm gestating about an existential pug who is suffering in the company of other dogs, for not being recognized as a dog due to his flat face and absence of pointy dog nose.

Gary, who wears a glitter collar is the new MC and I'm constantly rehearsing his conversations in my mind. Subconsciously he is taking shape and in my morning pages, he appears to discuss the meaning of life as a pug might.

Diligence- one of the virtues. I am, if nothing else, diligent in my focus on my stories. I am patient (another virtue) about most things and eternally filled with gratitude each morning I open my eyes and get out of bed. Good, bad, indifferent, do we really need any of these labels at all? Perhaps life is more about a balancing act; performing seal with ball on nose to one side and the steam cleaner on the other (refer to past blog!)

The building work continues and I rest assured that my hubster will surely have some of the bright yellow paint we once used to decorate our home. A layer of paint should hide those coffee stains and I will move into a bigger desk with more room for those endless coffees on writing days.

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