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Perth Adventures and Wedding Blues

My plane is literally taxiing up the runway leaving Brisbane as we make our way with Qantas for Perth. It's a cool 20 Celsius outside and the sky is occupied with heavy grey cloud formations. I've yet to enjoy Brisbane because for 15 years I have only used the airport in transit to usually, international locations. Domestic all the way today.

I did spend moments racing through book shops in the airport looking for the new Ian Rankin Rebus novel. I realise I have my dates wrong. I thought last week was 13th October. I am an idiot. Today is only the 9th. Grrrrr I will have to find a book shop in Cairns when I get back. Is there one that's not for bargain-basement books? I wonder. I have become a kindle girl over the years mainly because I don't have the physical space for the amount I read. But I also enjoy the portability of my kindle. It fits better into my handbag than most fiction books.

My kindle battery is not keeping its charge these days. I'd love to be able to change the battery but it appears to be a closed unit. If anyone knows how to upgrade the battery, please do tell before I have to get myself another kindle paper-white.

The obligatory screaming child is now pacified and hubster looks like he's going to sleep soon.

It's going to be a fun wedding but I am also prepared for tears. I cry like a baby at weddings when people profess their love to each other. All that hope and potential. It gets me right in the throat. And then of course, is the case of the wedding blues I always experience in the anticlimax of the aftermath of being part of a happy throng. Aftermath or Wake? Hmmm... I'll stick with aftermath.

Spending time with in-laws is always interesting and I must say I haven't had to do it much since 2010. 12 years since I saw most of them. Will I notice their aging or am I the one who will look so much older to them? Thinner, for sure, that's what I am but as for aging, well,I suppose I do have 12 grey hairs now. I counted them last week.

Time to read Ian Rankin's last Rebus novel, A Song For The Dark Times. I've got a few days to finish it before the next one is out. I'll write again once I've done something of note. Take care, all you lovely peeps.

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