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Photography, Lizzy, a Pair of Red Shoes and Feathers, Everywhere

It's been a trying two weeks. Clients cancelling never helps. I did however get my eyes tested, and my new phone has been rarely out of my hand. I've been learning how to use the camera on the phone and it's been frustrating finding decent light and good subjects. I do however, have hubster and Miss Lizzy Blue to focus on, literally. I went to the Rondo Am-Dram production of Drinking Habits last night to watch our thespian friend. I wore my bright red shoes. SO that's all the news.

I'm only joking. I've written a story about a robot nephew, and two half stories have been created. I'm starting on a fourth one tomorrow. I'm trying to write flash fiction based on alphabetic metaphors. The ANSWERS are lemons, BRAINCHILD, The devil can CITE scripture and this week it's based on To gather DUST. I'm averaging around 1300 words for a finished piece so I'll probably whittle them down to 1000 words or less. (Any suggestions for stories always welcome.) Mahjong is always fun and was played recently with friends and my watercolour classes are now on Thursday nights. That's a much more convenient time than Saturday afternoon and I'm still being challenged enormously. I won't show you it all... I'm still very much a fledgeling artist. Feathers barely sprouting.

The Issue came out last week so two more articles in there. If you haven't subscribed - do so! Since Ipinion Syndicate closed down it's been tough finding good enough writers to contribute to The Issue. We really hoped that we could replace Ipinion but I guess it takes time. Maya, our editor, is magnificent and also an excellent columnist but we need more than two writers to spread our wings. Ooh feathers again.

Got an electric bike courtesy of hubster recently. I must confess it's quite good fun. I will endeavour to travel further afield from Yorkeys Knob when I get my confidence. Turning left hand signals are tough for balance.

Missing friends who live away and family afar last week. Perhaps it was because my little brother had a birthday and although I rarely see him on his birthday, I felt a bit, well, not homesick because I am home but let's call it Scotlandsick. I miss taking a wee dram or three with my brother.

Back on the diet. I wish there was an easier way to slim down. I know I'm not able to eat fats any more due to my absent gallbladder but I do love the food I eat. To gather DUST. Perhaps that should be my knife and fork!

So nothing in particular to report this week. Hoping for a more productive fortnight ahead.Pip Pip peeps

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