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AAARG my body's been under attack, tendonitis and shoulder bursitis a-plenty. SO much so that I went to the doctor and I said Doctor is there nothing I can take? I said Doctor! But he said no and then are some steroids and get yourself to the X-ray clinic to get a cortisone injection into the affected part. Of course I said yes to the ultrasound and NO to the injection. Went to a Bodywork specialist (Thai Massage and Shiatzu) who not only relaxed my paining body but really helped release the shoulder and I left the session in NO PAIN! Woke up in the night with NO PAIN! Spent today out and about with NO PAIN! Do you want his name? Well he's a bit of a miracle worker and I've even booked in again to maintain this level of relief and relaxation. I feel amazing. He's called Dan Winter and his business is Body Relate

The fairies are at work again and I found a book on the bedroom floor which seems to have just appeared. Clearly an old book, second hand book price inside the front cover; 'Parallel Universes: The search for other worlds' by Fred Alan Wolf. With a PhD in Theoretical Physics his take on things is fascinating. I'm deep into it. It pairs nicely with The Dancing Wu Li Masters which I'm revisiting after many years. Speculation quantum physics - the stuff dreams are made of.

Watercolour painting is coming along. I painted at a life class last Sunday and managed to do some average pieces. My favourite is below.

Caught sight of my reflection the other day when I was going to the Post Office. Head up, good shoulder back, I noticed my hair length- almost to my waist. That unbelievably difficult length to maintain well is upon me. To cut or not to cut. It's really that time in my life I need to make a decision, Do I move into being an older woman with a long mess or do I go the short shoulder length cut so popular amongst the 50 somethings? I have to have a jolly good think about it as it's getting to that age.. of new definition. I get why women keep their hair long but it's never smart.

I'm going with the hubster and friends to watch the Melbourne Ska Orchestra tomorrow night. I can't wait. Well, I have to wait but it will be lots of fun and dancing. No seats, standing room only. I'll need to have my comfy shoes on - no snazzy youthful dancing shoes for me. AND I finally watched the new Luther film on Netflix. I was so scared I had to stop the film half way through and continue to watch it during daylight the next day. Crazy huh?

That's all I've been up to - and I'll keep the dentist saga for another day.

Stay well peeps


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