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The Bachelors Club.

Robert Burns used to debate here and this is where Burns Poetry Group meets to celebrate all that is of and about Burns Poetry. They also invite poets from time to time and love original work. I was asked to recite something which I duly did.. My brother Pete was invited as guest poet, he performed his poetry. Very proud. Lovely People at Robert Burns Bachelor Club. Historic location, kind and knowledgeable members. Had a lovely time #RabbieBurns #bachelorsclub #ayrshire


And so, you call me

now that I have given in to your

protestations, of poetry

you ring me at 2 in the morning

coining my own words

“did I wake you?”

and yes, you did but that’s ok

I was having a dream whereby my teeth

were falling out of my face

my gums were disintegrating

spitting out enamel, leaving stumps

Primal fear

but I have my teeth and you are on the other side of

the phone line, it crackles

I miss the odd bit of poetry

as you read to me

you always read to me

I read you a short one but I read it badly

and the meaning is lost in the self-consciousness of

my pronunciation

sweetly you give me a phone smile and thankfully you

continue to read your finds

A headache arrives, unannounced

and although I am in some discomfort

there’s you on the other end reading to me

Of life, of Henry, of Mr Bones and of golden syllabled

pop stars, of Mark Halliday and I realise

you absolutely love the long poem

the many parts the chapter and verse of it all

where I am more into the six liners

the swift thought that quickly pierces

Still the headache and

of course, a cigarette doesn’t help

but it’s within reach and so I light it

by the punchline it’s been tossed over the balcony

this dark and rainy night and my nose is dripping

I make you wait patiently as I retrieve an already used tissue

the next poem comes to me as I return to

my place on the mat, next ‘the phone

although I must confess, I do adore this time of

morning and I had only just put down my head

when the telephone rang with you

smilingly asking what I usually ask

“did I wake you?”

and yes, you did and I am glad

Like the shopping lists all over America being a clue

to belonging

this telephone call is mine, my proof

I’m thinking we could form our own secret society

where our password will be

“did I wake you?”

and the content of our meetings would be

poems short and long by many voices

and it would be permissible

to ask for an encore or demand an extra voice

so that images of departure wrap around

toothless dreams and cast away all rotten flesh

I foresee one problem

and only one in such meetings

but it’s so small and surmountable

that I’ll leave you to find out for yourself

if you are lucky enough

to have an after-midnight

poetry caller.

©️JLNash 2005

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