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The Story of Billy Boy and Miss Lizzy Blue.

Updated: Sep 24

I’m baching it a bit this week. Hubster has decamped to house-sit for a little Jack Russell Terrier who is clearly in charge of everything. We spend time together but at night it’s Lizzy Blue in her home and Billy Boy in his home. It’s funny - I think I’m being more productive because time together is shorter - I’m not taking our time together for granted - even if I am blogging but he’s still around. I need the Hubster to keep me on the straight and narrow of productivity, clearly.

I’ve been careful with food recently but no weight lost - I’ll be patient - sometimes it takes two weeks to show. I wonder why that happens? Any comments or suggestions would be most welcome. I’ve set myself up with a few challenges recently - 340 words per day on the new memoir - yes I’ve given in and decided to write about some of my adventures - it will have to be under a pseudonym, no one will ever believe it all happened to me! And perhaps I’m not so proud of some of the adventures - bizarre, let’s call them. Apart from this I have also entered a daily sketching challenge. It will be good for me to sharpen my skills or in the very least, practice drawing wiggly lines in my sketch book.

The temperature hit around 22 degrees Celsius and I needed to put a jumper on for my SHUT UP AND WRITE Monday morning, online meeting today. I know. it’s pathetic how cold I get and quite unreal - I must be descended from lizards. Oops no one tell David Icke. He might put me on the list of aliens inhabiting the earth. If you haven’t heard of David Icke - go and look him up - he’s a grand conspiracy theorist of the first order.

I sit here in my friends’ garden with Hubster and Billy Boy inside. I have a bag filled with goodies.; a sketching mini studio in a bag, my knitting, cards to paint, this iPad and my phone. I hate going anywhere without options. A pack rat, my mother might call me. I think it comes from watching my father always carry paints, sketchbooks, notebooks and cameras wherever he went. Although, to be honest, it’s Hubster who always says ‘options are good’.

My friend Maya is suffering from not having a decent internet connection. I miss our regular chats. It makes me realise how dependent I am on the net for friendship maintenance. If you’re reading this and I’ve not said hello recently - forgive me - and reach out. I do try to keep up with everyone as much as possible without intruding.

There’s a wind whirling through the back yard and it’s a blustery afternoon as Pooh Bear might say. Nothing too hot and on the edge of jumper wearing and it’s 26 degrees Celsius. I love my friends’ garden. It has an abundance of greenery, a pool and a couple of mannequins. One is bloody and somewhat limbless and the other is simply sitting relaxing.  Can you spot one of them?

Hubster is keen for a project. I wonder what he’ll find to do next. He always surprises me. If it’s not a start-from-scratch solar panel or some kind of engineering device, it’s art or music. He is very talented. Keeps me on my toes.

Well, enough rambling for this week. Next week I’ve got some interesting meetings so plenty to report on there.

Pip pip peeps

And as always, be kind to yourselves

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