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Too Busy For Meditation

Well, not exactly. I manage to get together with friends every now and then for a weekly online meditation but apart from that I have been severely lacking in my practice. When I was hypnotising more, I used to meditate or go into short hypno's when working with clients but these days - it's work, writing, reading and listening to, or playing music. To make matters worse, it's now September and I haven't made the time to update the blog.

Catchup -

Qantas Sucks

The flight home from London was a nightmare and took me around 50 hours to get from door to door instead of 32. Late departures, missed connections, transfers to through a different city and then a day extra travelling. I was exhausted by the time i got back. As always, I got the travelling blues and missed everyone enormously even though it was a blessed relief to be back in my bed with hubster and hound. That sounds like the hound shares the bed? Not any more!

University of Sydney Rocks

Loved the course on Webwriting and SEO. It's so satisfying to work with professionals and study intensively. Now I have to completely rejig this website and the hypno one as they are not at all SEO and of course - the copy could be better. It will be - give me enough time and like the amazing tutor, Simon Hillier, it will also rock.

My Blue Heeler

Miss Lizzy Blue went crazy as usual when I arrived home but she was determined to punish me for my absence. For about ten days she refused to follow any of my commands choosing to listen to Neil only instead. She's back beside me now, doing as she's told most of the time except when she's scavenging for nuggets of cat poo hidden in the dirt along our walk routes. We are back to training and go to a great informal, small group early on Sunday mornings, I'll post some video of tricks next blog.

String Jam

The group will be performing at Yungaburra Folk Festival in October which should be fun - let's see if I can make it on stage without the amount of whisky I needed last year! We have a sweet collections of songs and are hav ing great fun at our rehearsals - a video you say? hmmmm - maybe not yet!

Lifestyle Change

In January I was in hospital for a week, resulting in the removal of my gall bladder. I was shocked to see that I was 104 kg, which at five foot one is really morbidly obese. I decided on a lifestyle change with NO DIETS! Yes, you read that correctly. NO DIETING. I resolved to hypnotise myself daily as a start each day with the focus of living that one day with good lifestyle choices. I know, I know, I hate exercise but we know that being healthy starts in the kitchen and at 104 kg I couldn't get up off the floor without pain and discomfort. I couldn't feasibly exercise with any vigour or enthusiasm.

How did I do it? I began to read the labels on food and limit the amount of fats I consumed per meal. Because I no longer had a gall bladder, I couldn't easily digest fats. I also decided to stop eating sugar. If it had sugar on the label above 3/100mg, I didn't eat it. I never measured calories or portions - my portions were naturally smaller due to the unpleasant after-effects of over-eating.

Of course, I lost weight. I lost 35kg in all and I have managed to keep it off now for months. I am not tempted by chocolate or cake (amazing I KNOW!) and I have stopped treating myself like an animal - no longer using food as a reward. How do I feel? I feel fantastic. I no longer need to take statins which has made my doctor very happy and those around me see me happier and healthier - that's a win win all round. Is that all? YES. No sugar and reduced fats which I have increased slightly over the past few months to ensure my joints, cells and brain continue to work well. You can do it too if you want to make a change. I'm happy to help you.

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