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Tutoring, a whole other ballgame and something I love but when?

Ok, so it's not like that ancient Aztec/Mayan game but it feels as invigorating as the image portrays. After 15 years of being in education as a teacher/prof and then a further 15 years educating people in Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming, it's not surprising that I am still pulled toward tutoring. I am however not readily available for employment as a tutor. I can claim to have an audience of one when it comes to tutoring in the present.

I am lucky enough to have a young lady who is in Year 11 as my only student. She is bright, full of a fiery and strong emerging personality. She is also dyslexic with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. (ADHD). She has her challenges and although she is a bit of a panic bunny at the last minute before assignments are due, she is an amazing teenager. She doesn't give up. Mind you I'm writing this and she is ten minutes late. That's ok, I only wait for fifteen and then I charge for a no show. I win in any direction you look.

Tutoring offers the opportunity for a different relationship of that usual to teacher and student. I have not only had the opportunity to nurture but also become a friend. It is a rare occurrence that someone in their 50s can be a friend of a teenager when they are not related. She shares glimpses of her world as she knows I will not judge her decisions, only guide her to achieve good and fruitful outcomes in her life.

It's important to be an extra adult in a young person's life in whom they can trust and come to for unbiased advice or support. I'm just the person she lets off a bit of steam with which is preferable to steam releasing with a parent every day.

I had a handful of adults (non-relations) who cared for me and were of good council until the words of others caused me to doubt and question their allegiance as friends. Inevitably my youth led me to decisions which excluded those people and I found myself returning to the isolated existence I felt so keenly from time to time.

I can't really know what a teenager thinks about or feels, I know that's just a projection of mine but I can offer council and unconditional access to a helping hand, a lift in the middle of the night and the occasional pizza. That, in itself, is a privilege and one I shall protect and keep close to my heart for as long as this one might need me, whether it's helping her answer her English questions on Othello or tutoring about Under-Age Binge-Drinking, I will remain on her team.

My phone just pinged - she is on her way. I guess it's time to bow out for this blog. Adios Amigos.

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