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What do you do when a cold isn’t covid?

You stay in, keep your cold to yourself and sleep. I'm sick of this lurgy. I've missed two days of squats, I'm 114 behind now. Got the rest of the month to catch up. What's that? Yes, I will. It tightens up the buttocks if nothing else. I'm attending a life drawing class next weekend. Going to watercolour it for a change. Should be fun. There was no jamming session on Sunday due to two of us being unwell. In the meantime I am trying to learn The Proclaimers' new song Dentures Out. I went to see them last week and they were spectacular. 90 minutes of non stop hits with a few new ones thrown in.

I'll post a link to the aforementioned song. Great little political jibe. It struck me as I was watching the twins on stage that most of their songs have been love songs... but no more... this album bemoans aging both in oneself and Britain as a bit of a toothless old crone. The concert was very well put together and of course with footstomping tunes. I loved dancing to their songs that night.

Not much to rant about this entry, sick of being laid up mostly but Mahjong ahead and the car should be back from our favourite mechanic Uncle Tony at Complete Off-Road in the next few days. Me and Rizzo (the car) just in need of some R & R and in her case, an oil leak fixed. Hubster busy rehearsing for the Eisteddfod coming soon. Dog being dog. All in all, life happens.

Take care my sweets, the link for Dentures Out is.. and let me warn you, the dancing with handkerchiefs is a thing that real morris dancers do, I promise you, it's true.. As they say in the song, 'Nostalgia I love you.'

Oh and if you want a good deal for your car.... Uncle Tony can be found at just say I sent you.

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