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When new year resolutions sound like a scratched record.

I'm not even going to list them. I know them by heart. Every year they are an extension of the same hopes and dreams. That's not to say I don't achieve them, often I do. But it's still a similar list each year. I must have a very boring life, or at least predictable. This year I added three more interests. How and where will I find the time? Concertina, Native American drone flute and painting in watercolours. I've got my husband to blame. He's my biggest cheerleader. I wonder whether I can do something and he immediately says yes, of course. He is my master motivator.

When I got married I never expected this kind of team. I hadn't seen it before. I really didn't have any idea that a good partnership is able to stroke the soul as well as encourage the mind. Don't worry I'm not going to wax lyrical about the hubster. I'm just giving a shout out ... one of my resolutions.

Perhaps he's on my mind because I am baching it. The washing up gets done when I run out of cutlery or mugs. The table is covered with wool. The bed is covered with books. I hope he gives me two days notice before he comes back so I can change the place back to a couple's domain instead of a single person's.

Looking for remote jobs at the moment. Remote as at home employment. I just want to write or edit. It's an itch I have never been able to sufficiently scratch. Let me add to that, write and edit for $$. I write and edit enough without $$ at the moment.

Miss Lizzy Blue keeps me company in hubster's absence but she's been stealing cushions again.

There goes my Van Gogh cushion.

Been reading like a fiend and ignoring the TV. I didn't have a TV for most of my single life except to watch movies on VHS. BUT I am still drawn to YouTube for the odd Tiny Desk concert and now tutorials on watercolours. Thank god for iPads and phones. By the way, I'm happy to recommend Haruki Murakami's Novelist as a Vocation. It's magnificent on all sorts of levels and as usual, a rewarding read.

Well it's a short one this week. Got paintings to do, books to read, a flute and concertina to play and cushions to rescue, as well as a dog to walk on a gorgeous long beach with rainforest hills on the horizon. And of course, I'm taking plenty of time to remember my lovely Nanna.

Pip Pip peeps.

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