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When the thoughts of celebrities make you weary instead of excited…

What ho my lovelies? I do hope you are all getting ready for Christmas and if you’re not, did you see the amazing lunar eclipse of the blood moon last night? I am at present sitting in the air conditioning turned down to 22 degrees C, that’s ice cold compared to the slick humidity of the night outside.  And for why? I hear you all cry knowing that I’m usually in a jumper/sweater at this temperature… well the bloody skin has exploded and what was nodular prurigo now resembles a battlefield. Antibiotics again, and pain relief. I was hoping to feel cheered by writing to you all. 

Writing a flash fiction per day is my Nano2022 challenge this year. I’ve just finished day 8. Today’s challenge was to write a true story with an untrue ending. I decided to write a take on the Jeffrey Archer debacle where he sued a dirt bag tabloid over a prostitute admitting, when put under pressure by that newspaper, she had slept with him.   Do any of you remember that disgusting time? Well.. I wrote a different ending, where she lives and isn’t killed in a hit and run accident by a large Jaguar car which was never found, nor the driver identified, even though there were witnesses to the ‘accident’.  Sad huh?

At this point I remember hissing at the aforementioned average author when I passed him on the stairs at Anglia Television, in Norwich, UK, years ago when I was working on a Telethon. I confess it was not a premeditated action at all. It was pure instinct. The only other celebrities I have physically recoiled from are Jimmy Saville - no surprises there - and the ventriloquist who generally had his hand up that most annoying bird, Orville unless of course he was dining at Pizza Hut where his hands tended to be up the skirts of the giggling groupies with him. Keith, that's right, his name was Keith and yes, I was that Pizza Hut server and it was 34 years ago so who cares anyway.

This has become a very grumpy blog. Sorry, I’ll give myself a kick up the arse and read another Rebus chapter before I retire up the stairs to Bedfordshire for the night. On a good note, I did win several hands at Mahjong, earlier this morning and my first live broadcast last week went well. Silver Linings abound.

Nite all - catch you soon

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