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Words, Word Sprints And A Taiwanese Ambassador

31K down and I've got ten days to do that last 19K. It doesn’t seem possible but if I keep my daily total to around 1700 a day - I'll manage it.  I’ve started to write out of sequence as I am keen to get the scenes down when they are sitting in the front of my mind.  I then notice the joining bits are missing - like the relationship with the Taiwanese Ambassador who is one of the good guys. In my story it’s not an English person or an American person who saves the day but the Taiwanese Ambassador. I thought it would make a good twist.

I’m using my resistance bar daily now and it really irons out the creases - I’m not spending too much time exercising - god forbid— Only 15 minutes a day and the exercises seem so gentle (with a lot of resistance in the bands and in my psyche) but it is working - no bad back when sitting at the computer and a stretched out body for lying on the bed writing. I get up, do a load of things including walking the dog and then start at 9am. I like the ritual of it all. It means I can get things done - all important for a brain that’s got ADD. (Not hyperactive lol - more sedentary).

Not showing you the painting from this week - I don’t like it much - but it was a learning experience as was version two. I’m missing mahjong in a serious way - but the time clashes with my writing routine and I’ve got to remain dedicated to this month’s output.

I’m writing this at 8am which means I have an hour before I start work on the novel. I had a good session this morning in ‘shut up and write’ - one of my writing groups. It makes a huge difference to my output when I know that others are concentrating at the same time. I am a member of The Creative Academy of Writers and they have practically 24 hours of monitored writing groups, so when I’m feeling a little less focused, I jump into one of those, It makes a difference.

The hubster is still working hard on the car, making it beautiful and roadworthy again which is good so he doesn’t miss me during the day when i write. Actually every day he encourages me to get to my personal targets and doesn’t mind if I disappear upstairs to write.

I did get a book some time before called ‘Write A Best Selling Thriller’ by Matthew Branton. I haven’t read the ‘strategies to get published’ section yet but of all the books I have on writing, this has been a jolly little helper. I strongly recommend it if you are thinking about a thriller or adventure story. It covers all the main points in one book and in short sharp bursts so very easy to digest. Thankfully it doesn’t require you write to a pattern but it does highlight the important aspects needed in ‘’a thriller type story.

Ive also finished the new LEE CHILD book - i finished it on my day off - called The Secret which is funny because my book is about a secret too - but very very different from Lee Child. I love the Jack Reacher stories they are complete escapism for me. Oh Yes! I did so many words one day -Well over 3K - I took the next day off. I painted, read and actually watched some TV. It was a good break and I left the story in the middle of some action so it was easy to get back into it

I think that’s all for this week - not much to write really - just the general blah blah.

Take care and be kind to each other

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